formula of ammonium sulphate

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What is the chemical equation for ammonium sulphate? - QuoraNov 17, 2017 - Ammonium sulfate is (NH4)2SO4. It is usually prepared by passing ammonia gas NH3 through sulfuric acid H2SO4: 2NH3(g) + H2SO4(l) = (NH4)2SO4 Change Ammonium sulfate - WikipediaAmmonium sulfate ); (NH4)2SO4, is an inorganic salt with a number of commercial uses.  Properties. Chemical formula. (NH4)2SO4. Molar mass, 132.14 g/mol
What is the formula for ammonium sulfate? | SocraticSep 15, 2016 - (NH4)2SO4 What is the ionic compound formula of ammonium sulfateMay 5, 2014 - Therefore, it will take two +1 ammonium ions to balance the one -2 sulfate ion. This will make the formula for Ammonium Sulfate (NH4)2SO4 Ammonium Sulfate Formula Formula and structure: Ammonium sulfate chemical formula is (NH4)2SO4 and its molar mass is 132.14 g/mol. The molecule is formed by two complex ions: the Ammonium sulfate | (NH4)2SO4 - PubChemAmmonium sulfate. (NH4)2SO4 - PubChemAmmonium sulfate | H8N2O4S | ChemSpider suppliers and links for: Ammonium sulfate, Mascagnite, 7783-20-2, (NH4)2SO4.  Molecular FormulaH8N2O4S; Average mass132.139 Da; Monoisotopic 

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